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Distributed/Remote Workplaces

Remote work is not an option or a privilege any more. It has become the norm for many organizations. Remote work drastically changes the way employees interact with the rest of the team and their managers.

To help employees maintain their productivity levels and not feel disconnected, businesses must think and respond differently than their brick and mortar counterparts. Bridging the gap between managers and employees irrespective of any physical and geographical barriers is what we facilitate at Employ and Relate.

Virtual Remote
Government Contracting

Government Contracting

Human resource practitioners in the government contracting industry are responsible for additional requirements, mandates, reports, legal compliance, and additional liability for ‘missteps’ in the industry, over and above what a non-government contractor company human resources practitioner would have as tasking and responsibilities.

This is especially the case with government contractors who have to deal with a number of regulations that phase-in based on company size and contract demographics.


Since nonprofits are funded solely through donations and grants, it can definitely be a challenge for new or growing organizations to find the time or resources to build out a dedicated HR department.

However, guidance from an HR expert and concrete policies and protocols can play a major role in ensuring your organization’s continued growth. An HR expert can provide your organization with specialized support and a custom strategy perfectly tailored to your needs.

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