3-Step Process for Figuring Out Your Next Big Career Move


Whether you have just joined the workforce, graduated college, or have been in the workforce for several years and are getting bored, it is always the right time to think about your career. The question of “What do I do now?” or “Where do I go next?” can be answered with a little introspection and time.


Follow these three steps to put you on the road to a career that fulfills you.


Step 1: Talk to Yourself Like an Interviewer

Ask yourself some of the same questions that a potential employer might ask, such as:


  • In 5 years where do you see yourself?
  • What are the reasons you will want to leave your current employer?


The first question forces you to closely examine what you want to be doing in 5 years. Do you want to be making enough money to travel the world or have more children? Do you want to be in higher management? Do you want to be operating your own company?


The second question gives you some insight into the difficulties and challenges of your present employment. If the reason you are seeking other employment is to run away from present work stressors, examine the root cause of these stressors. Is it the environment? Personality clashes?


If you are running away from current turmoil at your job, you may not find greener grass without first considering your needs. 


Step 2: Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration can come from several different areas of life, both internally and externally. Before jumping ship from your present job, find a purpose that is bigger than you. 

            • What are your objectives?
            • What do you want to stand for or live for?
            • What are your passions? 

The answers to all these questions lie within you and are waiting to be unlocked.


Try these techniques to find your inspiration:

  1. Reflect. Take time in quiet solitude for oneself, meditating on your purpose in life, going for a long car ride and pondering your future, or speaking with friends and family.
  2. Look at others whom you admire. Who do you look up to? Why? Read articles of successful people who are in the same career field as yours or in a different one in which you would like to be.
  3. Talk with friends and family. The conversation, however, needs to go beyond the simple question of what you should do with your life. Ask for advice on how others have figured out where they are moving in their field and figure out how you can use their knowledge to chart your own territory.


Step 3: Take Action 

Before you quit your job, taking steps to drill down into what you really want is important.


Aside from conversation and introspection, there are many things you can do to help you figure out your next career move:

1. Brainstorm. Make a list of ideas on how you can advance your career or move up the company. Consider grad school, tech school, additional training, starting your own business, taking on a second job, or any other idea you can come up with.

2. Go on job interviews. Applying to jobs before you are ready to make the jump can serve a valuable purpose. You will learn about what values, characteristics, and criteria you are seeking. In addition, these interviews can help prepare you to convey your own experience and assets to other people.

3. Volunteer or do side work. Find a company that will allow you to get your feet wet by volunteering or taking on side work. You will gain valuable experience and also be able to create a list of your likes and dislikes for your next position.


Figuring out your next big career move does not have to be stressful. Giving yourself time to examine the possibilities, you will be better served than by making swift decisions.

These three steps are the keys to discovering your next career move. Spend time in introspection, find your inspiration, and take action to figure out what you really desire and want to do. You willll be on the path to a meaningful career before you know it!


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