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About Employ and Relate

Employ and Relate is committed to providing Human Resource services to small businesses no matter what their budget is and the number of employees they have. 

Having been brought in to work with many organizations AFTER something catastrophic has happened, our team can assure you that being able to always rely on someone trained and certified in HR and Employment Law.  This is an essential investment for any business with more than 2 people. 

Employ and Relate has a heart for small businesses and wants to ensure that you can afford HR without breaking the bank.  One of our most cost-conscious HR resources is our Do-IT-Yourself (DIY) membership program.   We guarantee you will not find anything like this anywhere else.   

You have worked really hard building your business.  Don’t lose it by not investing in Human Resources.  Protect your company today!

Who takes care of Human Resources (HR) for your organization?

We at Employ and Relate have learned, in many cases, it can depend on the size, type, and/or budget of the organization.  If an organization has less than 5 employees, there may not be any HR infrastructure.  An organization with less than 10 employees may have an Office Manager or Administrator doing HR functions.  An organization with less than 25 employees may even have an Operations Manager taking care of Human Resources. 

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Read what clients have to say...

Tameaka is an excellent HR executive and a true asset to her organization.
She sets an excellent example for the company culture.
She is insightful and motivating which drives great results.
Her communication style is clear, concise and constructive.


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Tameaka has been such an asset to our organization!
Over the last year and a half, Tameaka has really become our “partner in success.”
She offers many creative solutions to meet our varying recruiting and human resource needs. We are appreciative of her services and look forward to continued growth and success.


President at AGI Mission Support Services

Tameaka Shelton

What People Are Saying

Tameaka is very professional, has a great attitude and she's very good at what she does for a living. Each time I spoke with her, I immediately felt comfortable as if I had known her for years and I happily recommend her without hesitation.

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