Blog Your Way To A New Job


A good blog can help you show off your skills, network effectively, and get the job offers you want. Whether you already have a blog or are looking to start one, we have compiled some tips for incorporating your blog into your job search.

Benefits of Using a Blog in Your Job Search

1. Meet more people. Blogging is a very social activity. Utilize your site to meet new people via techniques like guest blogging, interviews, and exchanging links. Ask your current readers to introduce you to their friends.

2. Cultivate long-term relationships. It is common for people to spend a year or more searching for a new occupation these days. A blog makes it easy to stay in touch over a prolonged period.

3. Help others. Networking is more likely to be enjoyable and productive by focusing on serving others. Your blog is a way to help people find solutions to challenges you have both experienced and attract job offers from people who are looking for a candidate like you.

4. Expand your knowledge. You will gain valuable information while you are researching and writing blog posts. It is a great way to keep up to date in your chosen profession even if you are between career or looking for a position that better suits your long term objectives.

5. Create a portfolio. Think of your blog as a showcase. Future employers can get to know you via the content you produce. Try turning your best posts into eBooks, DVDs, or YouTube videos.

6. Operate within your budget. If you are low on finances, it is okay to start out small. Set up a free site on Blogger or WordPress.


Effective Strategies

1. Post regularly. Two main reasons readers give for unsubscribing from a blog is posting too seldom or posting too often. Keep your blog fresh but be careful when it comes to more intrusive communications like mass email blasts.

2. Stick to your topic. Recognize your subject area at the beginning so you continuously provide what your subscribers are expecting. You can always start a different blog for unrelated interests.

3. Participate in forums, social bookmarking, and social media sites. Become a regular on social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, or forums on subjects related to your blog. You can search out individuals who you want to meet and offer them helpful information.

4. Exchange guest posts and comments. Network with other popular bloggers in your field. If you write about transportation issues in your metropolitan area, make reciprocal arrangements to contribute to other local blogs that focus on individual neighborhoods.

5. Get sticky. Encourage your viewers to keep coming back. Thank people for their feedback and answer their questions. Generate a list of your most favorable posts so new viewers are driven to read more.

6. Stimulate polite debate. One way to get positive attention is to take a bold stance when you have got the facts to back you up. Write a thoughtful post about proposed legislation that is being hotly discussed in your field. Invite an article from another expert who takes the opposing position.

7. Strike the right balance. As a general rule, most successful bloggers aim for at least 70 percent substantive and original content on their site. You can use the remainder to insert your unique personality, and humor also and in links and other material that help build relationships.


In a competitive job market, it is important to take advantage of every resource available to you. High-quality content and strategic networking will make you and your blog stand out in a crowded field.

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