Love overcomes prejudice


One four-letter word has the power to make the world a beautiful place. That word is love. Love overcomes the most difficult social challenges. I am convinced that love is the answer to small and large issues alike.


Unfair bias is at the root of discontentment in many situations. I believe that issues are resolvable when minds and hearts are open to cultural and personal differences.


There are many differences between me and my co-workers. We come from varied backgrounds and exhibit different behaviors. But I avoid treating them with anything less than love. Their perspective is just as valid as my own.


At the heart of each person is love. Love develops and flourishes when we are exposed to it. Surrounding myself with love allows it to be spread to others.


When I see conflict in progress, I step in with the aim of resolving it. My suggestion is to always take the high road and lead with love.


Being willing to listen to another person is the first step towards a loving relationship. It shows that I value them as much as myself.


Putting aside any desire to be superior leads the way towards powerful collaboration. I am ready to hold hands and produce even greater results in unison.


Today, prejudice is banished from my circle of influence because I actively use love to diffuse any tensions and disagreements. It only takes one person to start the conversation that leads towards resolution and togetherness.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How does prejudice manifest itself at my workplace?
  2. What is my plan of action when I am at odds with someone?
  3. How do I respond when I realize that the other party is resisting the love that is freely available to them?