COVID and Boosting Morale in the Workplace

Covid-19 has, without a doubt, brought the whole world to its knee for over one year. Due to this virus, various companies’ and employees’ everyday tasks have been changed significantly. The Unprecedented effects brought by Covid-19 have made it considerably challenging for most companies to associate with what their employees require to perform better in their everyday tasks. In addition to that, most of these employees face complex situations back at home, affecting their work-life balance.


As a business individual, you should have your employees on the payroll and focus more on relating to their experiences. By doing that, you will be able to improve productivity in your company significantly. With that said, during this pandemic, you should try and overcome all the challenges associated with Covid-19 and try listening to your employees.


While most business personnel are focusing on keeping their businesses afloat (which undoubtedly makes sense), they end up losing connection with their employees. Therefore, as you try to save your company during these challenging times, you should also keep your employees in mind since they are responsible for keeping your business running smoothly. It would help if you considered boosting employee morale; this act will have an incredible effect on your company’s productivity.


If you want to understand some that help boost your employees’ morale, I shall be taking you through some of the quotes I gathered from the little research I carried out in this article. I hope that after going through these quotes, you will have a better understanding of what employees think and how you can implement morale in them since they are the biggest asset in your company.


  • How about Gift Cards to your favorite restaurant or small business? This will be an excellent way for us to feel appreciated while supporting small local businesses during these challenging times.


  • A massage session would be perfect; it will be very relaxing after a long and tiresome day at work?


  • A kit for designing some more during summertime would be fun; it will allow us to spend time with our family and feel appreciated.


  • During this stage of life, money becomes less an incentive than something small and relatively delightful that tends to arrive unexpectedly.


  • We received a $100 grocery gift card during Christmas. Due to Covid-19, they added $25 to the grocery gift for Thanksgiving. This is great.


  • Succulent arrangements to decorate a home office will bring a lot of joy, making me feel appreciated for its work.


  • My daughter’s company decided to arrange a wine tasting. Everybody received a shipment of 3 to 4 bottles of wine as well as had a sommelier teach them in an online session on how to taste and enjoy wine. They are planning on whiskey tasting next time; this is undoubtedly an incredible way of connecting with peers.


  • Some of the things we have done that we hope have aided the experience of our employees. Well-being assessments, monthly well-being series, parent support groups, wellness care packages for stress relief, compassionate leadership as well as Covid-19 relief are some of the support we give our employees.


  • A friend of mine for a firm that had employees’ celebrations on zoom. However, their boss arranged for a painting party with supplies mailed before the scheduled time. In addition to that, it was accompanied by dinner delivered. As a result, they ate, painted as well as laughed together. It might be small, but it offers a memorable occasion.


  • I will be delighted when I receive a cookie box along with a hot cocoa mix during winter… along with an online hangout time with colleagues so we can catch up.


  • I have had various companies reach out to me to arrange team appreciation/recognition events, and they have been received positively with incredible feedback. I carry out wine tasting for Napa Winery.


According to most individuals I had a chance to talk to, most of them preferred receiving a surprise gift from their employer. During these challenging times, little things tend to mean so much and show care for one another.


  • Cheerful monthly planner along with positive affirmation every month as well as hand-marked with surprises offered on Monday or Friday half a day once per month- unique for each employee to keep their needs filled.


  • My biggest thing with my family is flexibility and support for trying to make everything work with family back at home. For me, working in a field where I have to go for work tends to be frustrating since I have to be safer than I’m allowed to be. Since I have to go working, other individuals who do not live by the Covid-19 rules as I do often look after my kids.


  • DURING A PARTICULAR TRYING WEEK, my VP came to me and told me, hi, can we meet in the parking lot in the next 20 minutes (she does not work at my office). We met, and she gave me a bottle of wine and then hugged me (with her mask on) and told me to go home one hour earlier. It was not about what she gave me, but her timing and kindness and the fact that she went out of her way to make me feel the hard work I do matters. When you make it personal, it will end up sticking with people for an extended period.


  • It would help if you stopped agreeing and instead plan things face-to-face. You should only agree to and then schedule a virtual meeting. Doing this will let your employees understand that their employer has care and concern about their well-being.


  • I would come up with and implement pre-employee policies that are reflective of the Covid-19 situation. Understand what your employees require. A 15-minute mental health break, a paid day off, a month off in order to assess their family needs or even address their medical needs. You will be 100% correct when you understand that money comes and goes; however, you will only need to spend time once. Giving your employee a gift of time, it will mean a lot to them.


  • You should try and incorporate remote days; therefore, there will never be an entire staff on-site every time.


  • As a nurse, being virtual is near impossible. However, the extra things we do, such as meetings, should be done within a scheduled shift rather than during off time.


  • Get the working space cleaned thoroughly.


  • If it were me, I would love a gift of essential oil, consult, and diffuser. The employee should pick the area in which they feel emotionally supported. Oils have been proven to be pattern interrupters and will keep anyone in a great mood. They aid in improving focus, sleep, boost the immune system and alleviate anxiety. Diffusing is ideal and offers incredible support. An office or home will feel great.


Every employee has different needs. Ensure that the requirements are met and catered for to every individual. Here are some incredible ideas that you can consider doing in an office;


  • Check out with your employees and understand what they are feeling stressed about. By doing this, you will get various answers. When you do phone calls or zoom with your employees and talk for a few minutes, check-in and see how they are doing. You should find out what is stressing them the most or what they need the most.


  • Talking to each employee, you will receive various ideas, and reaching out and communicating with them means a lot and will cement your relationship with them. You should build-up a good relationship with your employees, especially during these challenging times.


Final verdict


You now have a better understanding of your employees’ needs. Going through the above quotes will help you solidify the point of this pandemic and its effect on each employee. It would help if you always asked your employees’ needs for better performance. When you check on their well-being, you will be showing that you are an excellent and caring leader.


I’m writing this article to help you relate with your employees further. It is vital to create a healthy working environment to boost your employee’s morale.

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